Why Smoke a Cocktail? Here's What Smoke Can Add To Your Drink

Why Smoke a Cocktail? Here's What Smoke Can Add To Your Drink - The Crafty Cocktail

Picture this: You're sitting at a trendy bar, gazing at the colorful array of drinks lined up on the counter. Your curiosity piqued, you spot a cocktail being prepared with an air of mystery. A swirl of smoke engulfs the glass before it's handed to a delighted patron. "Why smoke a cocktail?" you wonder, your intrigue ignited. You go home to do a little research and find yourself here.

Let the cocktail experts explain the hype around smoked cocktails. Find out why you should be smoking your mixed drinks and how to do it yourself at home!

Unveiling the Smoky Secret

Why should you consider adding a touch of smokiness to your drink? Smoking a cocktail takes your drink to a whole new level. The smoke engages not only your sense of taste but also your sense of smell and sight. Now your drink goes beyond the top layer flavors and becomes more complex.

A Sensory Symphony

When you smoke a cocktail, you're giving it depth. Imagine the smoky, woody notes of charred oak mingling with the bright zest of citrus. It's a harmonious collision of contrasts that somehow manage to play perfectly together. The Crafty Cocktail offers different variations of woodchips and add-ins for this exact reason. Different wood flavors can bring out the sweet, sour, or earthy notes of your ingredients. With add-ins like citrus zest, cinnamon, and lavender you can bring out an even richer flavor palette.

It's not just your taste buds that are in for a treat. Smoking a cocktail is a spectacle in itself. If you want to impress your friends, bring them a smoking cocktail. Trust us, no one is immune to how cool it looks.

The Science Behind the Sizzle

But let's get down to the nitty-gritty: what does smoking a cocktail actually do to the flavor? Well, put on your lab coat because we're diving into the science of smokiness.

Flavor Fusion

When you introduce smoke to a drink, you're infusing it with compounds found in the smoke itself. These compounds introduce a medley of flavors into the drink. You're combining the earthy, robust tones of wood with the delicate sweetness of caramelized sugars.

So we know that smoke enhances the drink, but why? The short version is when wood burns, the sugar and flavor compounds break down and combust. That smoke carries the compounds to the liquid and changes the flavor of your drink. Smoke has a way of sticking to things. Think smoked meats and your sweatshirt after a bonfire.

So what actually happens under the microscope? One of the main compounds in wood is cellulose, which is a type of sugar molecule. The other main component at play is a molecule called lignin. Lignin is responsible for the aromatics in smoke. How? Inside lignin are 2 compounds called guaiacol and syringol. Guaiacol gives smoke its signature taste, and syringol gives it the smell you love. Actually, that's one reason we only use hardwood chips in our kits. Hardwood contains both guaiacol and syringol, whereas other woods only contain one. Flavors hidden in these molecules can only come out when the lignin combusts.

Aromatherapy for Your Drink

Ever wondered why you're hit with a rush of memories when you catch a whiff of something familiar? It's all thanks to your olfactory system – the part of you that's responsible for smelling. Smoking a cocktail amplifies this sensory journey. As you bring the glass to your nose, the smoky aromas transport you to a cabin in the woods or a campfire on a chilly night.

So, Why Smoke a Cocktail?

Adding smoke to your mixed drinks elevates the experience in more ways than one. You're building a richer flavor profile that only the compounds in wood can create. By doing some experimenting, you can find new ways to bring out unique flavors in your liquor.

If you're not a fan of mixed drinks, smoking them can be the perfect way to enjoy new flavors without any additives. If you love a good mixed drink, there are endless possibilities when you bring smoke into the mix. A citrusy margarita, tart blackberry smash, or a spicey apple cocktail would pair excellently with a touch of smoke.

How Do I Smoke a Cocktail?

You may have only seen the experts smoking cocktails behind the bar. They're not the only ones able to craft a delicious drink though! We believe in the home bartender. Our smoking kits have everything you need to start smoking your own creations. The dome kits are larger and make an awesome centerpiece in your home bar.

All our kits come with detailed instructions on how to smoke your first cocktail. Don't worry though, it's pretty simple. Just try not to have TOO much fun with the torch.

Everyone's heard of smoking meats. After tasting some freshly smoked barbeque, you totally understand the point of adding smoke to the dish. It takes the meat from good to outstanding. So... does smoking a cocktail start to make more sense? Smoke can do some incredible things for our food. Why not bring that same depth and unique flavor to our drinks? After trying a smoked cocktail for yourself, you'll never look back.